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If you are a practitioner using a root cause approach, we need you.
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For months, my team and I have been developing a locator to connect the thousands of readers who reach out every year with dentists they can trust.

But with COVID-19, the dental community is dealing with unprecedented uncertainty. From laying off staff to cancelling weeks of appointments, these times are challenging for each of us.

Try out the locator for $1. Our team will reach out to you BEFORE charging your card again in 2021.

What is functional dentistry?

The differences in the two disciplines are most evident in the treatment process.

Each dentist on this Locator must sign off on the Principles of Functional Dentistry, shows below, before their practice profile will appear to the public.

The Principles of Functional Dentistry

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Principle #1
Functional Dentistry aims to teach patients prevention strategies to help them avoid the need for future dental work.
Principle #2
Functional Dentistry recognizes the importance of the oral microbiome in both dental and whole-body health, and as such, discourages the use of antimicrobial mouthwashes and toothpastes.
Principle #3
Functional Dentistry recognizes the ability of enamel to remineralize on its own, and as such, educates patients on diet and nutrition strategies in order to maximize this natural remineralization process and avoid the most prevalent oral disease: caries and periodontal disease.
Principle #4
Functional Dentistry works closely with colleagues in a variety of fields, including sleep medicine, myofunctional therapy, integrative specialties, and functional orthodontics, in order to restore dental health, because the mouth does not exist in a vacuum and partnership with a patient’s multiple healthcare providers results in the best outcome.
Principle #5
Functional Dentistry practices early intervention in pediatric patients because it recognizes the importance of craniofacial complex and its contribution to overall health.
Principle #6
Functional Dentistry embraces the latest scientific research, as we continue to better understand the mouth-body connection and the relationships between dental disease and diseases of the rest of the body. As “forever students” of the latest discoveries in the mouth-body connection, we are able to provide the best root-cause care for our patients.
Principle #7
Functional Dentistry works to understand the impact of inflammation in the mouth and its impacts on inflammation throughout the rest of the body.
Principle #8
Functional dentistry is not just removing our patients’ symptoms; it’s enabling our patients to thrive.
What will my profile look like?
I can't see patients in person right now. What's the point of signing up?

The relaxed regulations due to COVID-19 allow you, for the first time, to develop new patient relationships via telemedicine.

This is an incredible opportunity to get ahead of any marketing efforts you’ve been planning, and to connect with a new group of patients you might never have been connected with otherwise.

While teledentistry can't replace your practice's income entirely, it can go a long way in not only keeping the lights on and setting your practice up for a boom when the coronavirus threat has abated.

I'm ready. What comes next?

To finalize your practice profile on the Functional Dentist Locator:

  1. Enter your credit card information below to pay just $1 to secure your spot.
  2. Once you submit your payment, you'll be taken to the page where you can fill out your practice's profile. Send that link to your office manager or fill out the form yourself, and your profile will appear in 24-48 business hours.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to sign off on the Principles of Functional Medicine. Open the link and electronically sign.
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